Community Joining Hands



Smart Technology Isn’t a Luxury, It’s a Must-Have

In tandem with our technology partners, Solterra provides community integration of proven resident health and wellness software and hardware solutions.  Cutting edge resident fall prevention, health data collection, wander management and staff predictive intervention tools provide bottom line cost efficiencies for payers, as well as positive health outcome for our residents. 

Here are Just a Few of Our Proven Quality Partners

TapRoot is an AI-Digital Assistant application providing personalized, predictive interventions for staff to increase the quality of care for residents with Alzheimer’s/Dementia related diseases.  Software captures outcome data to inform better decision-making and improve coordination of care. 

Technology solutions that support data, voice and cloud services.  Focal integrates cost-effective and user-friendly products and provides both shortterm tactical and solid long-term guidance as part of a holistic technology plan.

Utilizing best-in-class technology, CarePredict monitors the daily patterns of our residents and identifies changes that could signal a health concern.  CarePredict also serves as a robust nurse call system providing resident location insights and real time two-way communication.