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Why is SMG Different?

Solterra Management Group (SMG) manages senior living communities; that’s our sole business. We have designed our company to be at the forefront of innovation, implementing state-of-the art technology solutions that ensure the safety of your residents and promoting better health outcomes through proactive care management.

The demand for quality senior communities is growing exponentially. SMG understands the need to develop and manage profitable communities while positively impacting the lives of residents and families.

SMG is an experienced, responsive, and transparent company that understands the link between real estate value and sound property/care management. We have assembled a team of talented individuals with a wide range of industry experience, giving us the capability to meet new challenges and achieve the results that our business partners expect.

The SMG Difference

  • Innovative Approach to Developing Workforce |
  • Associate Training | Supports Retention, Supports Culture | Empowers Team Members
  • Implementing AI/Machine Learning Technology to be Proactive in Resident Care
  • Focus on Key Performance Indicators to Manage All Operations
  • Diversified Regional Team | Supports Expansive Thinking
  • Programs & Services | Supporting Proactive Wellness & Length of Stay
  • Purchasing Power | Value Based
  • Medicaid Experts

Comprehensive Expertise

Our experienced regional management team offers a diverse set of skills and experiences, giving us a unique perspective to meet challenges to achieve desired NOI outcomes when approached with new management and development opportunities. Our associates are market informed, and our value proposition is clear, both to the families we serve and the partnerships we have established. SMG’s dynamic strategies position the company for exponential growth coupled with notable economies of scale.

Our Services

Property Management

Day-to-day Oversight of All Departments

HR / Payroll / Benefits

Our Team Members are Everything; and Making Sure They are Heard, Supported and Rewarded is, at a Minimum, Our Obligation to Them

Finance / Accounting

Not just Relying on the Basics, We Provide Monthly Insights, KPIs and Trend Analysis to Maximize Operational Decision Making

Culinary/Dining Solutions

Designing and Delivering Dining Experiences that Address a Wide Array of Residents’ Needs

Comprehensive Marketing

Supporting All Areas of Sales, Leasing and Brand Awareness

Plant/Capex Planning

Foreseeing Upgrades with Physical Assets to Maintain and Improve the Community’s ROI

Innovative Technologies

State-of-the-Art Care, Training, and Technology.

Residential Services

Providing Daily Programs, Events and Experiences that Engage and Inspire Senior’s Minds, Bodies and Spirits

Workforce Development

Giving our Team Members Quality Training, Tools, and Support to Ensure Our Services are Provided to Residents as Expected


Providing Exceptional Experiences



SMG seamlessly integrates proven resident health and wellness software and hardware solutions to provide bottom-line cost efficiencies for payers, as well as positive health outcomes for our residents. 


Strategic Planning

Every senior community has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. We will work with you to create a plan that delivers clarity and allows you to focus and execute strategies to improve bottom line performance.



National relationships with vendors, suppliers, and healthcare providers allow us to deliver quality service without geographic constraints. Solterra Management Group has established partners at every level.

training and growth

Training & Growth

In an industry where associate retention is a challenge, quality training is the foundation for success. Consistent training keeps our associates passionate and committed to improving the quality of life for our seniors.

Expansive | Experienced | Effective




Our approach is built upon the cumulative and varied experience of our team. Bringing many years of healthcare, hospitality, new product development, and regulatory experience, we identify and understand unique business challenges. From that understanding, we develop creative, practical, and bottom-line oriented solutions, which will bring the community to life and ensure its long-term success in the marketplace.